Soft Services

Housekeeping Services

Our housekeeping services for specific areas are given below:

  • Glass surfaces – Glass doors, windows and mirrors are cleaned thoroughly
  • Metallic Surfaces – Drinking fountains, water taps, door knobs and other metallic surfaces are de-scaled, buffed and polished
  • Equipments – Equipments on desks such as telephone, printers and fax machines are wiped clean
  • Furniture – All furniture and horizontal surfaces are dusted and wiped with a dry cloth
  • Air Vents – Air vents and air grills are cleaned to ensure no dust and bacterial build up occurs
  • Carpet Areas – All carpet areas are vacuumed
  • Trash – Trash cans are emptied, liners are replaced and bins are cleaned as and when needed.
  • Floors – Stripping and buffing of floors are performed when needed.

Laundry Services

As a one stop shop for all facilities management services, PNS Upkeep also provides laundry services for hospitals and hotels. We provide cleaning, rinsing of bed sheets and maintaining of hospital clothes. Our laundry cycle operates such that fresh linen is always available for the end users.

Pantry - Cafeterias and Eating Areas

This is a new business venture launched last year by PNS Upkeep where we offer end to end pantry services. Our range of services includes everything from cooking till cleaning the pantry room. We also offer canteen services to hospitals, commercials and educational institutions where the entire canteen operations are managed by PNS Upkeep.

Guest House Management

One specialized service we offer is guest house facilities management. Our housekeeping services pay special attention to guest house management to ensure that your corporate guests have access to a well maintained guest house. The following activities are undertaken:

  • Cleaning of glass surfaces such as mirrors and windows
  • Dusting of ledges and railings
  • Cleaning of air vents and grills
  • Vacuuming of carpeted areas
  • Emptying of trash and replacement of liners
  • Cleaning of floors using appropriate materials based on floor type

Facade Glass Cleaning

Our façade glass cleaning services cover the following activities:

  • Window Cleaning

    Cleaning of all exterior and interior perimeter windows as well as glass partitions.
  • Facade Cleaning

    Aluminum curtain walls

    Glazed tile cleaning